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VOG Coiffure

Hairstyles Spring-Summer 2012

After bursts of color have pushed our senses to the edge, VOG Coiffure surprises once again, but now with a monochromatic collection of hairstyles. The soft and neutral blondes make us focus on the shapes of hairstyles once again. The cuts and textures, the stylings with all of the curves, curls and heavy (e) motion are the stars of this spring and summer collection for 2012.
  • retro waves
  • stylish bob with motion
  • mid neck length curly hairstyle
  • top heavy hairdo
  • short teased hair
  • free flowing fringe
  • long bangs styled diagonally
  • edgy short haircut

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Get ready for drama, seduction, icy fire in shapes that are classic, retro modern and a mix of all of those. Lengths are medium to short and styling is strong, even elaborate in some cases. This collection highlights character and there is a style that can be tailored to perfectly suit any personality. These looks are there to make you shine. You and your new lipstick.
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