Funky Punky by J.7

Punky hair styles for men and women
We have come a long way since the beginnings of Punk Rock and Punk Style in the early 80s. The trend that was then regarded as a fad is still around and stronger than ever. It has hit mainstream and fashion artists together with the geniuses of hair all over the world having a lot of fun using the colors and bold shapes in their collections.
J.7 go a step further and put the funk in the punk. The result is a kaleidoscope of Funky Punky hairstyles to heat up the new fall and winter season. Bright hair colors with intense shine and metallic effects will compete with the festive lights and invite us to be daring and let our personalities shine.
The shapes are as bold and rebellious as ever and have been enhanced with distinct lines and textures of modern fashion. Rebellious, but sophisticated. Men and women will enjoy these new looks and turn some heads on the way.

Punky Red Hair

Short punky style for red hair
Alexandra's ruby red spikes are not only a perfect match to her lipstick, they also let her come up with many different ways of styling her do. The punky hair was layered in a high angle to form an almost horizontal line when pulled all the way up.
The ends are strongly textured to form the hundreds of sharp points, which give this look its character. She can tone it up or down, wear it high, low or mixed. A couple of hair extensions in the same color add a whole new dimension.

Glowing Hair Color

Short punk haircut with purple coloring
Punk hairstyle with purple hair color
A cool purple meets a warm bronze with the result of a vibrant, glowing hair color radiance that makes this versatile short haircut punkalicious. Carolin can show off her stripes in different ways.
Taken by the wind, moving to one side like the ocean current or styled straight and rounded into the face with wispy sides and a handful of hair directed against the flow for more definition.

Metallic Pink Hair Color

Short hairstyle with a metallic pink hair color
Punk haircut with upward pointed sides
Her petal shaped bangs grace her forehead like the gentle wings of a dove. The upward pointing sides and downy back also play into the avian theme. The short cut leaves several styling options but in this look it is the color that makes the melody.
Metallic pink, extra bright platinum, graphite and silver come together in an almost esoteric radiance.

Long and Short Hair Combined

Blonde short and long hair combination
With this cut Mareike did not have to make the tough decision to have her hair cut short or to keep it long. Her look combines both. The short, bob like front was cut to about ear length and features long, blunt bangs.
All of the hair behind the ears reaches below the shoulders and was crinkled to small waves as a refreshing contrast to the straight top. With different styling techniques all facettes of this style's character can be brought out into the light.

Spectacular Hair Color

Short hair with spectacular colors that stands upright
The alchemists of hair fashion took silver, gold and copper to create Nina's spectacular hair color. Brought streaks are placed with much insight to allow different color patterns to emerge depending on the way Nina styles her short hair.
The square layers are just short enough to stand upright with the support of the right product. With the bangs down the gold emerges stronger and her looks changes from the amazone to the seductress.

Punky Hair with Pink Hues

Female punky hair with short sides and pink hues
Some cactus flowers are so beautiful that they only allow us to see them for one night. Susanne's short haircut however is meant to last longer than that. With the pink hues, the platinum white, silver and bronze undertones her punky hairstyle resembles a rare and exotic plant.
Extra short sides and textured layers that increase in length towards the top give her look enough edge to never turn into a wallflower.

Male Punk Hairstyle

Punk haircut with short sides for men
Prickly short sides find their match in a long spiked top. The sharpened points of today are much softer and flexible than in the early days of punk. They are dressier too and allow this young man a range of stylings from office to the gallery or the club.

Volume and Lift

Male hair styled for volume and lift
Stefan's raven hair was layered to generate the most possible volume and lift. The length increases slightly from the sides to the top.
With a drizzle of gel, a dab of pomade or a dollop of mousse the hair can be arranged in many exciting ways and is ready for a new exciting look every day and every night.
Hairstyles & Make-Up: J.7 artistic team
Photos: Vlado Golub