Grafix by Lassana

Targeted hair color effects
With the new Grafix Collection, Lassana revives the concept of pop-art and was inspired especially by the work of Bridget Riley, one of the masters of the movement that had its apex in the 1960s and 70s. Lines, geometry and calculated, controlled movement are the ingredients to these visual treats.
The drama in these cuts with all of their graphic surprises and the bold, determined design is enhanced with the targeted use of hair color effects. Contrasting hues are applied in distinct streaks of varying widths, each hair is planned and nothing is left up to chance.
All of this meticulous work pays off with truly stunning looks, which are influenced by the past, but they could not be any more modern and pointing the way to trend heaven.

Postmodern Pageboy

Modern hairstyle with a short nape and color streaks
Short hair with blond, brown and red streaks
Colorful short haircut and a high turtlenecks
A feast of features catapults a pageboy inspired, short haircut into a new dimension. Graphic lines and the most refined use of geometry are accentuated by streaks of hair color. Blonde, light brown and tones of dark and light red bring light to the dark base and are in harmony with the shape of the cut.
A thin section of hair drops down in front, as thin as a veil and with the stripy texture that we also see in the application of the color. What a genius marriage of shape and color! Another little splash of color sits in the very short nape. Almost hidden, but so precious as an unexpected detail.

Pink in the Fringe

Stunning short haircut - Side view
Blonde hair with a splash of pink
Short haircut with very clear lines
A great way to boost your look is to add a splash of color. Not that there is a need for any boost with this short haircut. It is rather stunning all by itself. But the extremely long and disconnected fringe does come to life like a spring flower with a kiss of bright pink in the tips.
The hair color softly fades into the blonde on its way up. A very clear line defines the perimeter and the finest layering and graduating are responsible for the exquisite shape. Use serum to keep it all smooth and together.

Asymmetry and Accented Bangs

Very short bob with sides that have different lengths
Coppery hair color for hazel eyes
Short haircut with a very artistic side
V stands for victory, and that is surely what this look will achieve. The reversed V that sections off the short fringe from the also very short bob stands out with its bright coppery hue against a very dark background.
It so happens that the color of the highlighted area corresponds extremely well with her hazel eyes. What an effect! The sides of the short bob have different lengths and the back is graduated. A modern look with a very artistic side and a nod to the great fashions of the 60s.

Purple Curls

Short blonde hair with purple spiral curls
Bob with piral curls and purple accents
A head full of chin long spiral curls puts good mood into the day. Who could get the blues with a look that is vibrating with vivaciousness and chic? Instead our model decided to get the purples, strands that is.
They are worked into her extra long bangs in a triangular shape and brighten up the world with a deep plum, a softer lavender and a few reddish accents. The cut is an A-line bob, keeping it simple because there is so much going on already.

Sleek and Black

Hairstyle with a very short and a long side
Haircut with varying lengths - Long and short hair combined
Short and long hair combined in one cut
Long hair will never be the same. New visions have turned an over the shoulder long hairstyle into a visual and artistic feast with varying lengths, undercuts, points, corners and exciting textures. A classic round fringe is covered partially with a whiff of hair, cut to an accent point in the center and styled as a veil thin layers in a diagonal direction over the sleek base.
A very short and a long side both stand out with their clear lines and defined design. Black and glossy to the max, is the way to go with such an intricate look full of details.


Short hair with a transitioning cut and color
Short and wearable eccentric haircut
The hair color and the cut both transition and change within this short and very Zen look. A cutting line with a point runs in and under a wide strand of hair over the forehead that looks like a stroke with a brush full of paint.
A splash of color is brightest at the cutting line of the fringe area and the bright red moves seamlessly into a darker tone until it dissolves in the black base color. Eccentric and artsy haircut but very wearable day or night.
Salon: Frizerstvo Lassana
Haircuts: Metod Tasič & Ana Oblak
Coloring: Mateja Križmančič, Marija Erjavec, Sara Mikluž
Make-up: Maja Šušnjara
Styling: Danaja Vegelj
Photography: Mimi Antolovic