Minimale by Haute Coiffure Française

Layered hairstyles
The latest collection of hairstyles by Haute Coiffure Française shows us reduced, understated and layered styles with a seriously modern touch and one foot in the realm of unconventionality. With focus on contours, texture and color, these styles exude an exquisite air of modern luxury.
Hair design at its best uses state-of-the-art tools and techniques to make new visions come to life for men and women. The world is a bit more beautiful with every strand and every hint of pink in light blonde hair! Go elegant or ruffled and casual, express yourself and allow yourself to be adored.

Glossy Elegance

Long blonde hair with a pink color accent
For the holidays try to spruce up your elegant cut with a bit of hair chalk. This is an easy way to get some color into your hair and you can even wash it out quickly. Here a hint of blush pink was used to add another dimension to the very sleek, very elegant long hairstyle. It was applied only in the tips of the layered bottom part.
The lengths are silky and full of glossy shine in the light blonde hair. This is a great way to turn a classic way around and into a statement of modern design. Wear it with a simple black dress and heads will turn, knees will buckle and the world will be rendered speechless.

Medium Length Layered Hair

Blonde medium length hair with layers
Mid-length hairstyle with a longer neck section
This is what layers are all about. They create amazing movement in the hair and turn up the volume. But layers are just a part of what makes her hair look like this. The lines are superb with a sleek longer section framing her neck on both sides and then a storm of motion on top and in the sides.
The movement is kept in place with good styling products. Try a strong mousse, hair lacquer to finish and a tiny touch of wax to accentuate individual tips and strands. Beige Blonde and a slightly darker medium blonde were used to create highlights and lowlights.

Styled into the Face

Short layered hairstyle with a natural feel
Lots and lots and lots of happy strands are pulled into the face for a modern, jagged and lustrous frame to her features. The short layered hairstyle stands out with its amazing contour and the soft texture that permeates the entire look. Her color is a cool, beige blonde with a very natural feel due to the shadows and the lighter tips.
The hair was styled around a center point on the crown from which it whirls and ends with the tips all around her face. A short fringe and one section that is combed against the general direction give it extra flavor.

High front, Narrow Back

Men's hair with gel styling
This is the kind of look that women want to see on the men in their lives, well, on men in general. From the stubble to the great silhouette with its high front and the narrow back and sides, it spells perfection.
The hair length transitions from very short on the sides to the tall quiff without any interruptions in one swift movement. The sides are then styled back, held in place with gel, while the crown is given some lift in the front section and also curved towards the back. Styled and yet unpretentious and with a sexy, unconventional appeal.
Hairstyles: Haute Coiffure Française
Photography: Gyslain Yarhi