Ombre by Haute Coiffure Française

Hairstyles with a high end feel
Soft and even softer from the cut to the color. Muted and velvety tones of dark blonde create a superb understatement that gives the cuts by Haute Coiffure Française a true high end feel. Precious and luxurious and at the same time soft and feminine, the new looks bet on the captivating effects of movement, texture and balance of proportions with a magic formula.
The short cuts are tailored to the features and each little strand has its place, ruffled or straight. The longer look is oozing playfulness, while still being sophisticated and with an adorable hint of retro. Men push the classic to the edge, literally. A traditional shape is expanded and exaggerated with a longer, silky top and extremely short sides.
Wearable high fashion without the flash, but with unique and refreshing design that displays a taste for the extraordinary.

It comes with a Bang!

Short hair with very long bansg that covers the ears
This is the fringe of all fringes. It dominates the short hairstyle with its bouncy, voluminous size and the "swoosh" of its movement. High fashion with velocity is especially intriguing. The fringe flows from the short and low side part in one generous curve across her face and is contrasted by the short and shapely sides, which cover the ears and are styled for rounded body.
Accentuated with gentle highlights this look displays amazing dimension and definition. A touch of sculpting paste is easy to ruffle and tousle in the right places without the hair being weighed down. It is all about the lightness and the fluffy structure. Medium dark blonde with a transparent kiss of walnut is a very elegant color.

Pixie with Volume

Brunette pixie cut with layers and volume
Short haircuts can be so much fun! Explore the possibilities and enjoy a new lightness of being with a layered, pixie cut. Playful to the max with a load of wispy tips, movement to wherever you want the hair to move and breathtaking texture. Add some shine to it and you have a killer look that is timeless, chic and very sexy. It suits women of all ages and most face shapes.
A bit of volume was built up by lifting the roots on the crown while the sides are kept closer. All of the hair is styled towards the face and individual strands are accentuated with a good styling product. Try one of the new molding pastes or a flexible gel.

Light Bob

Light chin length bob cut with bouncy volume
As light as a meringue pie, this short bob seduces with its bouncy volume and its ethereal expression. Simplicity and style are grounded by the warm hair color and distinct texture in the tips. It is parted in the center, both sides separated by a blurred line and falling to about chin length.
The hair was blow dried with emphasis on creating some lift on the roots, which gives the hair such a nice body and the light, easy fall.

Long Hair with Long Fringe

Long hair with layers and a long fringe
Layers are never out of style and this season they are as sexy as never before. For this gorgeous look the hair was cut with a pronounced, very long fringe and long, generous layers all around. This way the movement really comes out. It is of course enhanced with a blow dry, a curling iron and some finesse.
A good amount of tousling makes this look so sexy. So don't be shy and shake the hair up, tease it a little in the back of the crown and let that fringe plunge weightlessly over the face. A medium brown color is infused with some gold in the tips, making it especially lively.

Short and Long for Men

Haircut with short clipped sides for men
A great look for modern men who like understatement. Two traditional styles were mixed and the result is this haircut with its extremely short sides, that are clipped to just a fraction of an inch and stand in handsome contrast to the longer hair on the crown.
A deep set side part makes a classy statement and the diagonal fringe has a soft edge and a little attitude with the shiny texture.
Hairstyles: Haute Coiffure Française
Photography: Alexandre Pattein