Burlesque by Image Hair Group

Seductive short bob cut with round contours
The bob in its original shape is still one of the most expressive haircuts in our time. Modern and of timeless beauty. Sophisticated and elegant, but also sultry and rocky. No other style is as versatile as the bob. Burlesque combines the origins of the bob from the 20s and 30s with modern cutting techniques and brilliant colors, as full of contrast and as customized as never before.
The name Burlesque comes from a time in which the high-class prostitution flourished in Berlin and the ladies made the bob the style of the era. The girls on the easier side of the spectrum as well as the sophisticated society wives had one thing in common: the bob.
This haircut connected all layers of society. As different as this women were, the bob can be just as unique in its technique and color. But it cannot be thought of without the round bangs and shimmering hues. This most classical of all cuts has now been brought back to new life by the Image Hair Group. For everyone!
A new take on a classic. With all the sultry and seductive elements that easily flow in pure sophistication. The bangs are cut along the wavy line of the expressive eyebrows and form a heart stopping little dip above the nose. The contours of this cut are round all over and seductive in the truest sense of the word.
The hair color is a deep and rich mahogany enhanced with black streaks that add more shine and dimension.
Haircut: Image Hair Group