Hair Thinning Shampoo

Woman with thick neck length hair
Photo: Lena Pan/Shutterstock
Q: My hair is really thick and when I get it cut short it stays up and it won't lay flat until it has a certain length. What can I do to make my hair lay down? Is there maybe something like a hair thinning shampoo that I could use?
A: I know many people who would love to have your problem, but I can understand how frustrating it can be to find yourself with unruly hair just because you like to wear it shorter.
Depending on exactly how short you are wearing your hair (and the desired style), the solution may be simply using a heavier styling product. There are cream, gel, and oil products that all can serve to add weight to the hair and help it to lie down more readily.
You may also try different styling techniques, such as wrapping the hair, where you use product to comb or brush the hair to lie close to the scalp and use tissue paper bands to secure the hair with pins and keep it lying flat while it dries. This creates a style that can be combed through to soften and still stay closer to the scalp.
You may also try using heat and moisture to manipulate the hair in your daily styling. Take a hand towel and wet it with water as hot as you can tolerate, then wring it out well. Take the wrung-out towel and wrap it around your hair and allow the heat and moisture to penetrate the hair, which should help to make it more pliable. You should then be able to style the hair more easily, with a little extra product perhaps, and get a look that's less "stuck up".
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