Cellophane Treatment

Hair treatment
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Q: My wife is black and has been introduced to cellophane treatment for her hair and really likes it. But she is having trouble finding a dependable beautician.
Can she purchase this cellophane, so she may do it herself? If so, from whom?

A: The cellophane treatment is a protein-based conditioning treatment and clear-gloss color designed to add shine and to smooth the hair so that it looks and feels soft, silky and healthy.
Your wife could probably find these products at the nearest beauty supply store, but may be restricted in purchasing them for at-home use if they contain ingredients that the state board of cosmetology (or whatever body governs hairdressing in your area) considers risky for untrained individuals to use.
Have your wife visit her local beauty supply store, and if she cannot find what she needs there, she can possibly find what she needs through an online search. In the worst case (and with the least likelihood of success) she may be able to get the materials and products from a local salon if she has someone who is a close enough friend, and the materials and products aren't otherwise proscribed.
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