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Q: I'm in desperate need of finding unscented hair care products for African-American hair. If it contains synthetic fragrance oil, my skin has a horrible reaction ... a rash that takes weeks to disappear. If there is a scent, it can only be from natural ingredient, not perfume oil. Essential oil extracted from a plant is fine. I've been looking for months on the internet without any luck in finding styling products for ethnic hair. Can you help me? Thanks!
Naani's sulfate-free shampoo A: A quick search turned up a handful of companies that offer products that are either all-organic, or “natural” products for caring for African-American hair. One of the most comprehensive lines of products seems to be available from a company called Naani’s Naturals.
The company seems to focus on offering their “Hair Care Systems” which are packages of hair care products designed to be used together, although they do offer a wide variety of different hair care products – from shampoos and conditioners to anti-frizz serums and dreadlock butter – which can be purchased “a la carte”.
Product pricing is varied – from around $6 to $15 U.S. for individual products (some are higher) and from $37 to $60 U.S. for the “Premium Systems” (which usually contain about 6 products in each system).
You might also take a look at the products available from The Morrocco Method company, which offers a complete line of Organic, Vegan, and gluten-free hair care products for all hair types. The site offers online ordering of all their products and a complete ingredient list with explanations of the purpose for each ingredient.
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