Olive Oil Conditioner

Conditioner with olive oil
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Q: I have just recently chemically relaxed my hair. I used to use a Shea butter leave in conditioner from {brand name deleted} and an olive oil conditioner for my naturally curly African hair but now am not sure what to use.
Is it overkill to use both? The olive oil conditioner leaves my hair looking too shiny and slick but I've heard it helps increase elasticity (which I think is gone since I've relaxed the hair) and the {brand name deleted} Shea butter moisturizes.
It seems a bit heavy to use both every day, but I want to keep my hair as healthy as possible. Is it ok to use both and then shampoo or condition and rinse my hair every day? I'm worried that I would have to wash my hair too often and also I would need to blowdry my hair if I rinse every day, which would be too damaging.

A: When the hair is chemically relaxed, the chemical side bonds in the hair are completely dissolved and cannot be reformed. Because of this, the use of your olive oil conditioner will not have any effect on the hair's elasticity.
That being said, the olive oil conditioner will help to protect the hair from styling damage, and therefore does have a place in your hair care regimen.
What I would recommend is that you use the Shea butter conditioner as you have been using it for the daily moisturizing benefit to keep your hair conditioned and use the olive oil conditioner only weekly as needed to restore the silkiness to your hair.
As you become accustomed to the way your hair responds in its relaxed state you can adjust your routine accordingly. Remember, it is always better to err on the side of caution and over-condition the hair rather than leave it unprotected.
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