Limp Fine Hair & Deep Conditioning

Limp fine hair
Photo: Denys Kurbatov/Shutterstock
Q: Thank you so much for all your help. My question is: Does limp fine hair also need weekly deep conditioning? I'm worried about flattening it even more.
A: As with most advice on hair care, the suggestion of deep conditioning schedules or daily conditioning routines applies to average hair types.
The only time I advocate deep conditioning treatments is in cases where there is a need for specific reparative treatments. If your fine hair is in good condition, then you don't need the additional conditioning treatments.
In fact, you should make sure that your daily conditioner is a very light formula, in order to prevent inhibiting the benefits of your volumizing shampoo. You may find that you only need a spray-on leave-in conditioner which would be very light on your hair.
This would also allow you to apply the conditioner in targeted areas and provide you with smooth shiny hair, yet get the most volume possible.
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