Add Shine to Grey Hair

Clairol Shimmer Lights shampoo
Q: Hello. My question about grey hair is this: Is there any product made that adds shine specifically to grey hair? Thank you very much!
A: The best product I've used for grey hair to make it bright and shiny is one I mentioned before. It is called "Shimmer Lights" by Clairol. It comes in a shampoo and conditioner and is designed to whiten and brighten un-pigmented hair. It removes build-up from grey that can cause it to appear dull and yellowed, allowing it to shine naturally and beautifully.
If you want more shine from your hair than this provides, you can use a shine-enhancing product like spray laminators, or shine serums on your hair to add extra smoothness and shine when styling the hair.
Or, if you'd rather do something with more lasting shine results, look for clear-gloss products in the hair color aisle. Many manufacturers make products that use clear hair glossing formulas that are applied the same way as regular hair color, but do not add any tint or color to the hair.
These products add clear glossing agents that give the hair natural radiance and shine, and are perfect for women who like their hair's color, but feel that it lacks enough "shine" to be truly beautiful.
This product also adds the benefit of smoothing the cuticle layer of the hair, reducing frizz and giving you a healthier looking head of hair.
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