Nova Perm

Wrapping a perm
Photo: Tmon/Shutterstock
Q: I'm a licensed hairstylist and am looking for a perm called Nova. I can't find who makes it or which supply house sells it. Have you ever heard of it? I was told you could get this perm in TX.
A: It isn't often that I will admit that a question has me stumped, but this one has definitely given me the greatest challenge yet.
After more than an hour searching for some reference to "Nova" in connection with hair and beauty products, I found a Nova Beauty Company Ltd. in British Columbia, which is a supply house for various brand name hair and beauty products. I also found a reference to "Nova Scissors" by the Wahl Corporation for haircutting.
However, the most likely lead was a reference on an online shopping portal to a company called Nova Cosmetics LLC. The company is listed as: "Nova Hair and Cosmetics has the highest-quality hair and skin care products on the market. We specialize in perm products, Africana beauty products, and skin care products."
This is probably your best shot at the product you mention. The only problem I see is that the linked website is only a logo and an email address to contact for information. This could be because the company is just developing a web presence or could indicate a decline in their business.
Either way, I thought it best to offer you the email address to contact them yourself. Please keep in mind that we cannot be held responsible for any failure you may experience to reach anyone. The email address is info @
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