Gel and Yellowing Hair

Yellowing gray hair
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Q: I am a male with silver/white hair. I recently started to grow it a little longer and have noticed that I get yellowing. I have started using Pantene Pro V Silver Expressions and it's really done a good job of removing the yellow, but I still get the yellowing effect where I put on gel.
I wear my hair combed back, so gel is a necessity for me. Do you have any idea of any hair gels that will not cause yellowing?

A: This is a common problem among those with silver and gray hair. Many hair styling products contain ingredients that can become yellow as they "cure" on the hair.
For most of the hair colors out there, this isn't a problem because the hair is already darker than the discoloration of the product. Yet with silver hair, this discoloration can be very apparent.
The secret is to select hairstyling products designed specifically for silver hair. Many brands have lines that cater to the needs of silver hair types. Among these are those like John Frieda's Sheer Blonde line which are meant to remain crystal clear when the product dries. This keeps the hair from yellowing and for blondes it means that the hair doesn't get brassy. For gray/silver hair, it means that the hair stays bright and not yellowed.
There are other product lines that can be sought. Your best option is to look for those who also have shampoos and conditioners for gray hair, and also have other products.
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