Expensive Hair Products

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Q: I have a question about hair products. Is it really worth buying the more expensive hair products?. My friends always ask me why I spend so much money on expensive hair products. .
I do like they way they smell but are they are making a big difference for my hair? Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon.

A: This is a question you can ask to a variety of people and get a variety of answers.
Some women swear by the name brand products that they use. Other women insist that the generic products they use are just as good as anything in a salon. And if you ask any salon stylist what products are best for your hair, you are probably going to be referred to a shelf full of products for sale right there in the salon.
However, many different makers have product formulas that are the same as other makers’ products. The differences between one maker’s “smooth and sleek hair” formula and that of another company are often simply matter of personal preference. One product will perform just as well as another with the same formulation.
The key is to be willing to do your homework. If your goal is to get the best product for the money, then be willing to give the less expensive brands a try to see how they work for you. If you just want to find the best product altogether, then do some research. Check out hair and beauty magazines, look for online product comparisons and reviews, and be sure to remain skeptical.
Don’t buy into the reports on a product in a magazine when there are advertisements for that product in the same magazine. The reports may be true and accurate, but could just as easily be slanted to make the “advertiser” happy.
Watch out for “comparisons” of products when they are sponsored by the maker of one of the products. Sometimes these comparisons are between a “special formula” of a product and the “regular version” of a competitor’s product, which allows the company to show greater benefit from using their product.
This may seem like a lot of work, but it’s worthwhile if you are really concerned with getting the best product and/or the best price. If the only reason you buy the “expensive” brands you mention is for the fragrance, then you may want to give the less expensive brands a try.
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