Indian Hair Oil

Hair oil
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Q: Someone told me that Indian hair oil is really good for your hair, but what exactly does it do?
A: The products listed as Indian Hair Oil are typically oils extracted from the amla plant, also known as Indian Gooseberry. The plant has shown antiviral and antimicrobial properties and is used extensively in traditional Indian medicine, and is used in creating shampoos and hair oils that are sometimes claimed to prevent and reverse gray hair.
The oils are effective as emollients and moisturizers for the hair and serve to coat the hair shaft and protect the hair from damage. The oils also impart a great deal of shine and gloss to the hair, as well as making the hair soft and smooth.
While its anti-aging and health benefits may be up for extensive debate, the benefit to the hair of the oils is more readily quantifiable. As a lightweight, fruit oil, it penetrates more easily and deeply into the hair shaft, providing deep conditioning and softening of the hair fibers.
The lightness of the oil means that the hair is not weighted down by the oil and that the hair doesn't end up looking or feeling greasy.
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