Scrunched Hair

Woman with long and dark scrunched hair
Photo: Creativa Images/Shutterstock
Q: I have hair that has a slight wave to it. I would like to wear it scrunched, but it doesn't hold. I've used all kinds of product to achieve this effect. What am I doing wrong?
A: It's possible that you aren't doing anything "wrong", but rather your hair is more resistant to the styling technique you are using than you anticipated.
It could be that your hair's length and weight are pulling the style down or simply that the products you are using aren't strong enough to hold your texture of hair in the style you are trying to create.
I suggest that you start by using a styling gel on your towel-dried hair and combing it through the damp hair to give even distribution. Dry the hair using a diffused hair dryer and make sure to hold the hair up at the roots while the hair is drying.
If you like, you can begin the styling process by holding your head upside down and blow-drying it to give extra volume. Blow the hair until it is mostly dry, but not fully dry. Then stand up and continue drying the hair with a diffuser and scrunching the hair to maintain the natural wave. You can use additional product for extra hold in the style - products such as styling spritzes and root lift sprays.
Don't be afraid to layer the products you use, at least a little. Different products offer different types of hold for styling and most are designed to be used in combination with other styling products.
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