Direction of Hair Growth Pattern

Direction of hair growth
Q: Good afternoon, I was hoping you could help me, please. Part of my hair grows towards the back of my head rather than in a downwards direction. Is it possible to change your hair follicle direction or is it set?
I have drawn a picture to highlight my problem, have you heard of other people with such a strange hair problem? Thank you in advance.

A: Your condition (if it's even right to call it a condition) is pretty common. Everyone has portions of their hair that follow different growth patterns. In some cases, the hair is fine enough that any length at all weighs the hair down so that the growth pattern isn't a factor.
However, when the hair is thicker and coarser, the direction of the growth pattern can be more visible as the hair follows that direction when there is more length.
Male hair growth
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Unfortunately, you can't change the direction of the growth pattern with anything short of cosmetic surgery to turn that portion of the scalp. You can, however, often use chemical straightener kits to relax the hair and allow it to lie in the direction you want it to be in.
If you choose this option, be sure to adjust your hair care routine to accommodate your hair becoming more porous and possibly feeling drier and coarser. The hair will need to be conditioned more often than before.
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