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Restore Damaged Hair Follicles

Q: My girlfriend’s hair got caught in the car door and some of her hair got pulled out. There is a clump of hair that got pulled out on the front part of her head, the right side of her bangs. When her hair is pulled back you can see a clump missing. Will this grow back? It looks to be pulled out from the roots, is there anything we can do to help this process? I appreciate any help that you can give us.
Editor’s Note: This reader was referred to a recent question on this topic that had already been answered here. We received this follow-up question:
Thank you very much for the quick reply. If there is damage to the hair follicles is there any medication that can be used to help restore the damaged follicles?

A: This depends largely on the extent of the damage to the follicles. Some cases of follicle damage result in the follicles recovering on their own and once again producing hair once they are fully healed, while at other times the damage is so extensive that the follicles are scarred and won’t ever recover. Only time will tell what results will come for your girlfriend.
As for helping the healing process, there are the obvious factors of keeping the area clean and protected (avoid clogging the skin with hair product or cosmetics if possible). Other than that, you will really need to see a dermatologist for more information on possible treatments and an assessment of possible damage.
There are LOTS of studies being done regarding hair loss, skin damage and healing processes, yet while much of the research shows amazing potential, only a doctor can give you any realistic information on what treatments are readily available in your area.
Furthermore, you will also want to discuss what those treatments will involve in terms of cost and the processes required. Once you can make an informed decision with proper medical advisement, then you are in a better position to deal with the situation.
I would love to be able to give you more information, but the bottom line is that once you cross the line from the hair outside the scalp, to damage of the follicles below the surface of the skin, you enter an area that a cosmetologist is no longer qualified to diagnose and address. I do not feel that I can legitimately give you what I feel would be “medical” advice.
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