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Get Rid of Middle Parting

Q: I've been trying to find some help and advice on this online but have so far come across nothing. I've had a middle parting for as long as I can remember (probably all my life) and am now 23. I find that when my hair sits naturally it falls into this parting on its own. My older brother too used to have a side parting but said that he asked his hairdresser to try and get rid of it and now, after a few years, his middle parting no longer exists. I wonder if this was purely by chance or if there is actually a known method of getting rid of a parting so that new hair grows straight up.
I'm a male and nowadays everybody has short hair styles. For me, a short hairstyle doesn't work because my hair keeps falling into a parting! Thus the only way for me to have a short style is to shave all of my hair off! Hope you can offer some advice.

A: When dealing with true growth patterns in the hair, there is usually little to be done but try to work with them to create an esthetically pleasing look. Natural parts in the hair are usually more a matter of the way the hair falls and separates on the head due to its own texture and weight, rather than because of any growth pattern.
People who talk about training their hair to lay a certain way or to behave in a specific style are actually referring to the fact that - through practice - they have trained themselves to style their hair in a specific look with more ease. What you may need to do is to speak to your hairdresser about your hair's texture and wave pattern and ask about products that will allow you to get the look you want.
In some cases it may take modifying a cut slightly to enable you to achieve a specific look - for example, cutting the hair a little shorter to allow the hair to stand straighter on the head under its own weight. Styling gels and hair wax can often add sufficient structure to the hair to allow the hair to imitate thicker textures.
Unfortunately, since I cannot visually evaluate your hair, I can't really make any specific suggestions for you. However, speaking to your local stylist is a great way to address your concerns, and I am sure he/she will be able to advise you.
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