Asian Hair Growth

People of different races and their hair
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Q: Is it true that Asian hair grows faster?
A: Yes, it is true. Hair can be divided in three different ethnic types: African, Asian and Caucasian and each of them has its own specifics.
African hair is the slowest growing type of hair. It grows less than 0.35 inch or 0.9 centimeter per month. African hair is a little more dense than Asian hair and it grows almost parallel to the scalp, twisting around itself as it grows. African hairs have a flattened cross section.
Asian hair grows 0.51 inch or 1.3 centimeter per month and it has the longest cycle of growth, lasting up to 9 years. The density of Asian hair is lower than the density of any other ethnic groups. Asian hair grows straight and perpendicular to the scalp. Asian hairs are circular in cross section, and the diameter is wider than hairs of other ethnic groups. The cuticle is usually thicker than the cuticle of African and Caucasian hair.
Caucasian hair grows 0.47 inch or 1.2 centimeter per month. It has the highest density of the three ethnic types. Caucasian hair grows at an oblique angle to the scalp, and it is slightly curved. Caucasian hairs vary from round to oval in cross section.
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