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Hair Breakage

Q: My hair seems to be growing but I'm having breakage. It's shorter on one side. When I part my hair to moisturize it, I'm noticing that every section I part is a different length. Do I need to get my hair cut even?
A: Unless you like the particular pattern of unevenness, you will have to cut your hair in order to restore some measure of esthetic balance. Without taking steps to bring some symmetry into the overall look, your hair will only continue to become more and more uneven.
Furthermore, you need to pay close attention to the hair care routine you are following to see if you can determine what - in particular - is causing your hair breakage. Unless you do this, the problem will most certainly return and you'll find yourself having to make some drastic step again in a few months.
Even without breakage, the hair follicles each grow at their own individual rate. This means that after a few weeks or months (depending on the starting length), the hair ends will look more and more uneven. So, a crisp, sharp A-line bob cut won't simply grow longer. Rather the cutting line will appear to become more and more ragged as the individual hairs grow at differing rates. Regular trims are the only way to keep a finished look crisp.
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