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Make Hair Grow Faster

Q: I recently got my hair cut and I hate it. It is too short and the stylist gave me choppy layers, some of which are longer than others. What I want is to grow my length so that I can go to a better stylist. I need to know if there is anything I can do to make my hair grow faster. I'm not very patient and I need my hair to grow fast. Currently, my hair is just below my breast and I want it to be down around my butt.
A: Unfortunately, hair grows at the rate at which it grows. All we can do is to keep the hair and scalp clean and healthy so that we can get optimal growth. This means keeping the scalp clean, the hair conditioned and cared for properly, and getting plenty of fluids, rest and a proper diet. The hair of our heads grows one-half inch per month on average, although some follicles grow faster than others.
Also, the total achievable length of hair growth a person can have is determined by his or her growth cycle. If the growth phase of the hair lasts long enough, you can conceivably grow your hair to any length you desire. However, some people have growth periods that are only 3-5 years long. In these cases, the length to which they can grow their hair usually caps out at 18 to 30 inches.
Finally, you MUST use care when styling the hair. A lot of hair loss comes as the result of breakage and styling damage. Combining the potential damage from styling, and the rate of growth along with the length of the growth cycle is what sets the limits for the length we can have with our hair as individuals. For this reason, it isn't possible to tell you that you CAN get the length you want, I can only tell you the tips to keeping your hair and scalp clean and healthy while allowing your hair to grow.
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