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Braiding and Faster Hair Growth

Q: Is it true that by braiding your hair, it will grow faster? Someone told me that when you braid your hair it will grow longer and faster than it would normally do.
A: No. Braiding the hair will NOT cause it to grow any faster than it does normally. However, women who wear their hair in long-term braided styles, feel that it helps the hair grow faster because having the hair in these braids protects them from much of the stresses and damage caused by environment and styling. Braided properly and cared for in the right way, these styles are great for women who often have trouble with breakage and damage to the hair.
braided hair

The hair can end up looking healthier, fuller and can feel as though it grows much more quickly. However, the appearance of faster growth is purely a by-product of lessened attrition. (This means that without the breakage and damage from styling or the environment the hair can grow longer on its own.)
If your intention is to try a braid style, be sure you talk with the stylist about the care and maintenance schedule and your hair type. Most braided hair styles are intended for African-American ethnic hair, or hair types that are coarse and very curly or kinky. The braids are often required to be treated daily (or several times a day) with light fruit oils and moisturizers and are generally not washed as often as other hair styles and types might be.
You need to make sure you can handle the maintenance and can afford to have the braids kept up. (Many Caucasian hair types are very silky and smooth and therefore resist being confined to a braided configuration.) Talk to the stylist about the cost of the braiding upkeep schedule (and the frequency of upkeep visits) before you have it done initially. In other words, do your homework. Remember, and informed decision is always a better decision.
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