Hair Growth Q&A (3)

Woman with red turtleneck pulling her own hair
Is there a way to make hair grow thicker to cover empty patches?
Is there something like a diet for healthy hair growth?
Is there such a thing as hair hurting?
It seems as though my hair just will not grow!
I wanted to know from where the hair's growth starts.
I want to grow out my layers. How can this be accomplished?
My child has a bald spot and the hair doesn't grow. Will anything help the hair grow?
My granddaughter is losing the keratin in her hair. Why does this happen?
My hair became very thick after chemotherapy. Will razor cutting make it dry?
My hair doesn't seem to grow in the back.
My hair fell out after radiation, grew back and fell out again. Have you heard of that happening?
My hair has a spotted appearance. What type of hair is this?
My hair has become increasingly wavy as I have aged. Why?
My hair is different on one side from the way it is on the other. Why?
My hair is not gaining length. Why?
My hair underneath at the back and the very front won't grow. Why?
Should I cut my hair all even at a certain stage when growing it out from short to long?
Should I not get a hair cut for like months and grow it, or trim it often so it grows quicker?
Should I shave my head for better hair re-growth after chemo?
Someone told me that hair only grows at night when you are sleeping. Is this true?
The hair above my ears has just stopped growing. Why?
The hair on my baby's forehead doesn't grow. Is this something I should worry about?
What are the physical effects of blow drying on the hair structure?
What causes hair callicks and why is my hair getting worse as I age?
What causes hair to grow thicker on one side of the head than the other?
What could be the cause for the different color of hair growth in a certain area?
What is a double crown?
What is hair made of and how does it grow?
What is the biological reason for loss of pigmentation in hair as you age?
What is the cause for my different hair growth patterns?
What is the difference between male and female hair?
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