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Slow Down Hair Growth

Q: Every time I get a hair cut about two weeks later it is too long to be styled again. Is there any way I can slow down the growth of my hair?
man combing his hair A: In a word, no. Most people have the opposite desire - they want to find ways to speed up their hair growth instead of slowing it down. The hair, however, grows at a rate determined by its own genetic encoding. I'm afraid that you are going to have to simply let your hair grow at its pre-determined rate, and that you'll need to get it cut more often in order to maintain the style you want.
You don't specify the specific hairstyle you have, but you should keep in mind that the shorter the hair is, the more quickly the hair will appear to grow. For example, the average person's hair grows at a rate of 1/2-inch per month, so if your hair is extremely short - say, cut to 1-inch long or less - then the hair will gain at least 50% of it's length in that month.
You simply need to be aware that with a shorter hairstyle, you will need to make more frequent trips to the salon for maintenance cuts.
You may want to discuss the situation with your stylist, as he or she can probably advise you on styling techniques that may help you extend the periods of time between haircutting.
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