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Buzzcut & Part Line

Q: After 15 years of wearing his hair parted in the middle and pulled back in a ponytail, my son got a buzz cut. His part line is still there - down the middle of his head. How long will it take to go away? Is there a way to speed up the process? (It's too hot to wear a hat all the time.)
A: The length of time it will take for the part line to "go away" depends on how quickly your son's hair grows. What is likely happening is that the hair is bent away from the parting line because it was pulled back for so long on a consistent basis. As the new hair growth emerges, it should follow the hair's natural growth pattern, and you will see the part begin to fade away.
However, if the hair follicles at the parting line have been subjected to tension by being pulled back long enough to damage the follicle and alter the growth pattern, your son may have to wait until his hair grows out a little and use product to style the hair to direct it all in the way he wants it to be positioned.
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