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Alter Hair Growth Direction

Q: Hello. I emailed you a while ago with a question about the direction in which my hair grows (titled, "Is it possible to change the direction of your hair growth pattern?" ). Is it possible to get surgery to alter the growth direction and where would I find out about such a thing.
A: Such surgery is possible. However, your first action needs to be arranging a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon, as he or she will be the one to determine how best to deal with your particular problem (and whether or not your situation is significant enough to merit surgical intervention).
A surgeon will be best able to explain the limitations and requirements of what you want to have done. And, you should be made aware of the possible repercussions and side effects as well. While your particular problem is relatively common, surgical procedures performed to correct them are not. Such a process is likely to be an expensive proposition, and even the most liberal insurance policy will very likely prove unwilling to cover a non-life-altering cosmetic procedure.
Of course, without being able to physically inspect the growth pattern in question, I have no real idea of the severity of the situation, thus a cosmetic surgeon is the best course of action for further investigation. In addition, no cosmetologist is qualified to diagnose conditions or prescribe medical treatments or procedures, so your only legitimate recourse is to pursue consultation with a physician.
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