Style and Fashion Tips

Female model wearing a beautiful cosy turtleneck
Choosing outfit colors
Choosing what colors you want to wear is an important exercise and here are some pointers that should help you making a well informed and hopefully a better choice.
Every woman Needs a flattering sundress
Sundresses, if chosen wisely, have a unique and unmatched ability to make you look sexy, suave and summer ready, all at the same time. They are the casual side of elegance.
Fashion and Hair
Often the one facet of creating the perfect look most women fail to consider is how to coordinate their hairstyle with the clothing they are wearing.
Following the polka dot trend
The polka dots are back with a vengeance, not that they ever went anywhere, but they keep making these big ‘comebacks’ almost every season.
How to develop your own signature style
Your style needs to be a mixture of the current fashion and what looks good on you. It is a good idea to update yourself from time to time so that you develop and nurture your own signature style.
How to downplay a large butt
Selecting the right cut, color, and print is important to give an appearance of being slimmer. If you are bestowed with ample bottoms, then you can downplay them by dressing correctly.
How to dress according to your body shape
Every one of us has a body shape. It’s not just about being fat or thin. Certain features and parts of the body are more pronounced in some and more subdued in others.
How to dress taller
A few simple tips that could have you looking taller in a few minutes without really doing much. Learn how to look taller with the right clothes, shoes and hairstyle.
How to dress to look older
You want to be prepared to look and feel older? Here are few tips on how to dress so that you look older.
How to dress to look slim
Apart from the stuff we learn by trial and error, there are some other tried and tested tricks to keep in mind when you want to look slim
How to enhance a flat butt
Having a fuller butt is as important as having a well-endowed bust. After all, the beauty and perfectness of dresses depend on these characteristics of our body.
How to look cute in a cardigan
If chosen and worn carefully, cardigans can be turned into cute and stylish garments and to top it all, it is very functional for the season.
How to look sassy in satin
Satin gives you an unmatched feeling of luxury, feminine sensuality and confidence, all at the same time. Satin is a double edged sword for if you are not careful and go over the top with it, it can spoil your entire look.
How to look fashionable as a plus size woman
Gone are the days when being skinny was the only way of being trendy. More and more manufacturers are making clothes for the plus size body.
How to look younger
Everyone wants to look young and it really isn’t as hard as some of us imagine. It can easily be done by taking good care of your skin and by simply revamping your wardrobe.
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