A Flattering Sundress

Woman with long hair, wearing a sundress and straw hat
Photo: Sergio Monti Photgraphy/Shutterstock
Sundresses, if chosen wisely, have a unique and unmatched ability to make you look sexy, suave and summer ready, all at the same time. They are the casual side of elegance. A figure flattering sundress not just brings the limelight to your best bits but also hides the not-so-desirable features of your silhouette.
The only thing you need to keep in mind is that your sundress must suit your body. A wrong choice in sundress can have the exactly opposite and undesirable effect. Therefore what follows below is a brief guide that would help you choose a sundress that best flatters your figure:
Lets you get Bust-ed
• The size of your bust would decide the kind of neckline you want for your sundress.
• If you have are top heavy i.e. have a big bust, then you could go for a square neckline that draws appropriate attention, and at the same time balance it out with A-line style at the bottom.
• On the other hand if you are not so comfortable with that, you could go for a halter neck sundress, with waistline coinciding with the bustline.
• An off the shoulder empire waist sundress is best if you are not that top heavy and want to accentuate your bust.
• Girls with a smaller bust could also try some ruffles on the neckline of their sundress to add some fullness.
Hips don’t lie, they don’t need to!
• If you have above average sized hips and don’t want to flaunt them you should opt for an A-line sundress that flares down the legs. It does a good job of taking attention away from your hips.
• On the other hand if you think you can do better than Beyoncé, when it comes to the buttocks department, or just simply feel the urge to showcase your backside then by all means go for it.
• For best results try a sundress whose waistline is just at the beginning of your hips and then drapes them down effortlessly. This will surely make the world go after you.
Lady Long legs?
• So you have long, sexy, smooth and all toned up legs? Grab a sun dress that doesn’t extend beyond your mid thighs (upper thighs, if you are the daring type) and showcase your “stairway to heaven” in its full glory.
• However, make sure that your neckline is high enough to not to create the second focal point. Besides, too much skin might just spoil the taste.
• For those of you not so happy with how your legs look for any reason, you should do just the opposite. Take a sundress that falls up to your knees and then take the focus away by introducing a slight cleavage factor at the top.
Shoulder that!
• If you think you need to make your shoulders look broader, then go for a halter neck top sundress.
• If you are proud of your all toned up and smooth shoulders, an off the shoulder sundress or the one with thin spaghetti stripes would be the choice.
• If you would rather not have your shoulders hog any headlines, then go for a deep v-neck style sundress. It focuses all the attention on your mid torso.
A sundress is hot but never too hot for summers. It gives an amazing grace and poise but at the same time exudes raw sex appeal. Therefore to invest some time and thought into deciding the style of the sundress that best flatters your figure is always a great idea. A sundress has the same effect as a bikini minus the skin fest!