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Style and Fashion Tips (3)

Style tips for the top heavy girl
If you have broad shoulders, a fuller bust, narrow hips and slim legs, then you have an apple-shaped figure. Tips to highlight your best features and hide your problem areas.
Style tips for women with small busts
How flat chested girls can pay special attention to the way they dress with regards to their body shape and size.
Stylish in shorts
There are some very important things to keep in mind while you are buying yourselves a pair of shorts.
The “boyfriend fashion” trend
Wearing your boyfriend’s or husband’s clothes is the most ‘in’ thing in fashion today. Not only do they look cool on you, but it adds to your appeal as your guy would love to see their clothes on you.
The bustier
A bustier is a very feminine piece of clothing that can be used to increase the sex appeal. At heart, it essentially remains a lingerie item, even though it can be worn over the dress as well.
The classic black pants
The classic black pants are a must in every woman’s wardrobe. Black pants not only create that elegant classic look but also create an illusion of that much-loved toned and slimmer look.
The complete guide to buying a coat
Coats are one of the most expensive winter and fall investments for your wardrobe and you would like to buy the right kind of coats that will not only flatter your beauty, but also be right for the occasion.
The little black dress
The little black dress or simply the LBD is the true superstar in any woman’s wardrobe!
The neckline language decoded
Choosing the appropriate neckline is as important as choosing the right kind of dress. The proper neckline can make or break your look.
The not so cool cluttered look
Being fashionable is important, but there is a hairline difference between being in ‘good taste’ and doing a ‘fashion overkill.’
The plain white tee
The plain white t-shirt is perhaps the most versatile and timeless piece of clothing that you must have in your wardrobe.
The sporty look
You don’t have to be an actual athlete, or look like an athlete to don this look. All that you need is a sporty attitude!
The 70s disco look
Not all the disco fashion of the 70s was acceptable as the regular day wear. In the disco, to be actually part of the proceedings, one needed special costumes.
Tips for maternity wear
Being pregnant is one of the most beautiful phases in a woman’s life. Buying maternity wear can be a confusing and some times frustrating affair, due to a variety of reasons.
What to wear on a first date
In life you might get a second shot at a lot of things but you will never, ever get a second chance at creating a ‘first’ impression. This pretty much sums up why the first date is more often than not, preceded by nerve wracking bouts of anxiety.
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