How To Dress To Look Slim

Woman dressed to look slim
Photo: Fanya/Shutterstock
What is with us ladies? No matter how skinny or fat we are...we are never happy. We always find something to complain about. But the thing that we always complain about is looking too fat.
We each have our special “thin” clothes that produce that magic slimming effect. I know I do, and I always wear my thin jeans to every date I go to. But apart from the stuff we learn by trial and error, there are some other tried and tested tricks to keep in mind when you want to look slim.
• Boat Neck Clothes
When you look at all the round and V-neck clothes out there, you get conditioned to buying the same sort of style over and over. But you know a style that’s not so popular? The boat neck! It’s a wide collar, cut out in the shape of a boat and sits well on your shoulders. I’ve seen that this always makes your body look slimmer.
Since boat necks might be hard to find, a good alternative is all those 80s style off the shoulder jersey tees and dresses doing the rounds. These styles automatically make your upper body look slimmer.
• Hair Up
Clothes can slim us. The thin pants can tone the thighs and not wearing sleeve less clothes can hide the bulging arms. But how do you take away the pounds from the face? Well...I can’t give you fitness advice but will some style advice help?
Wear your hair up and pulled away from the face instead of letting it down. This always makes you look more youthful and has a slimming effect on the face. Shorter hairstyles such as bobs also make one’s face look slimmer.
• Vertical Stripes
Ditch the horizontal stripes because all they do is make you look wider, even if you’re not! Make vertical stripes your best friends though. The stripes work well by elongating your body and elongation always makes you look slimmer.
Vertical lines command the eyes to follow the movement of the lines. It’s sort of like an illusion where the eyes follow the stripes and so concentrate on your length instead of width!
• Fitting Clothes
Don’t delude yourself into believing you can get away by wearing clothes that don’t really fit you well. Too big is just as bad too small. Neither does anything to show off your body the way it is and makes you look fatter than you really are. Start by trying on some clothes today and find out what size you really are.
The next time you go shopping, try on a few clothes and buy one that fits you just right. Don’t buy a size small and tell yourself you’ll fit into them after those 2 months at the gym! Don’t buy a size too large either because you think it’ll make you slimmer!
• Patterns and Fabrics
Pay close attention to pattern. Big large spaced patterns only make you look larger…not something we want, right. Also, choose fabrics that flow easily so they don’t unnecessarily add volume to your figure. A crisp starchy fabric isn’t a good idea. Shiny materials and ruffles also attract too much attention so it’s better to stay away from them!
• A Block Of Color
The color that is immediately slimming is black. Its tried, tested and true. Black never lets us down. I don’t quite know the science of it but black works. But see, black is boring too. You can’t always wear black and black alone. Don’t be afraid of color and if you want to achieve a truly lean look, I have a great idea.
Wear the same colored top and bottom so you create a block or a column of color. This again works by creating a lengthening illusion and your horizontal proportions become less obvious.
• Accessorize
Accessories are used to focus attention to certain body parts so use them cleverly to draw attention away from those parts you don’t want in the limelight. Wear nice earrings to concentrate attention on your face, or wear an attractive belt to take the eyes away from your upper torso.
Find out what your problem area is and simply apply your slimming arsenal accordingly!