How To Dress Taller

Looking taller with a striped shirt or blouse
Photo: Nesolenaya Alexandra/Shutterstock
Unfortunately there are no magic spells to make you instantly taller. However, that’s where fashion comes to the rescue. Being short isn’t all that bad especially if you can use fashion to your advantage and come out looking like a diva.
I mean, look at Sarah Jessica Parker or even Mary-Kate Olsen. They’re so midget-like but they’re uber-fashionable and honestly, the last thing I think about when I look at them is how short they are. So your height is never an issue and you can simply dress to create an illusion of being taller than you actually are.
Your Hairstyle
You may or may not know this, but the hair style you sport can actually make you look taller. No seriously, no kidding! A shorter hairstyle usually looks better for a shorter girl (because they make you look taller!). You don’t need to chop it all off, but maybe don’t try to grow it waist long?
Styles that skim the shoulders are best because they don’t make your head and body look like one conjoined bodypart, and reveal the neck and shoulders. So if your body isn’t hiding under mile long hair, it’s bound to look longer.
This is the oldest piece of advice in the fashionista’s book so if you didn’t know it, learn it now! Vertical stripes make you look taller because it looks like they elongate your torso. The coolest thing about this is, the navy look is in too, so not only will you look taller, but you’ll be oh-so-hot and in style too!
Try to stay away from checks though … the box look can end up giving you a box-shaped look too!
Heels, Heels, Heels
Duh! I didn’t need to tell you that did I? I mean, hello … I’m sure heels were invented because some woman wasn’t too happy with her height. So wear heels often and people will forget you’re short! No seriously … if they never see you in flats, they’ll never know how short you really are.
Look at Posh Becks … can you really imagine her without her heels? It works doesn’t it? No one really thinks about her height but we concentrate on her fashion instead. If you must wear flats, try not to wear shoes that are absolutely ground-skimmingly flat.
If you’re wearing shoes and you still look like you’re walking bare-feet, you’ll end up looking stumpy and shorter than you really are.
Black makes you look thinner and taller but black can be boring too. So you don’t have to stick to black alone. Instead wear color but wear a top and a bottom of the same color. Since your outfit looks like one long column of color, it creates a lengthening effect. Darker colors definitely work better for the height-enhancing factor but I’ll leave the choice of colors up to you.
Clothes That Fit
No matter what size or shape you are, I can’t say this enough – wear clothes that fit you right. Don’t wear clothes that are too big/too small; too long/too short because you just look frumpy and definitely not stylish. If your clothes are too baggy, you look even shorter because your lines aren’t visible at all. Also, say your pants are too long, you look like you’re wearing daddy’s jeans – so get them altered honey!
Longer Legs
Lengthening your legs is the best way to look taller. I don’t know exactly why but somehow three-quarter boy style pants make short legs look stubby. I’m not saying avoid them, just wear a pair that’s tapered and style them with heels, and you’ll be great. Also, if you choose a pair that end just at the knee or slightly below the knee, you’ll look better in them. Skinny jeans are also a great option as opposed to flared pants.
Avoid wearing straight cut, boys-style capris and three-quarter pants. I don’t know why but they will make you legs look stubby. Wear a tapered pair if you like capris, and pair them with heels. Avoid cropped shorts too. Go for capris that end just at the knee, or slightly below and your legs will look longer.
Use the logic of the three-quarter pants in choosing skirts as well. So pick a skirt that ends at the knee or below. Shorter skirts work well too if that’s more of your style. But avoid the ankle-length skirts because they make you look way shorter!
Give it a shot – they’re a few simple tips that could have you looking taller in a few minutes without really doing much.