How to Dress to Look Older

Wardrobe and hair to look older
Photo: Sasa Prudkov/Shutterstock
You have just crossed your 17th birthday and are raring to enter the world of adulthood. You want to be prepared to look and feel older? Well, honestly, take it from me honey. You want to look young for as long as possible. But since I know what I say is not really going to affect you, I'll try to help you with some tips on how to look older.
Well the first thing that you should know is that your wardrobe is not going to hold you up as an official adult with those school sweatshirts and jeans. You need to change your wardrobe to look older.
Here are few tips on how to dress so that you look older:
1. Stop Going to the Junior Departments
From now on, don't stop by the junior department as often as you did, but instead go to the contemporary grown-up section. Pick up adult versions of your favorite trends. Go for some tailored pieces that will make you look older than your age. But keep in mind to stick to your size and don't go overboard with styles that you feel will make you look older. Remember to pick up only those clothes which make you comfortable.
2. Buy Good Quality
Invest your pocket money in buying some good quality elegant dresses. These will help you in the long run as they will provide you a classy and older look whenever required. Remember to add some classics like the black dress and some professional items like blazers, blouses, etc.
3. Avoid Extreme Trends
Being older doesn't mean you adopt extreme trends like body piercing or very wide cargo pants. Extreme looks generally makes a person look very immature and childish. Always go for simple and elegant when following trends. Stick to your fashion style that suits you the most.
4. Learn to Use the Right Makeup
Learn to use the right kind and amount of makeup. Don't use too much makeup as it will look tacky and at the same time, very little makeup will make you look very young than you would like to portray. Experiment with various looks at home and see which suits you the most. Again as a thumb rule go with whatever makes you look good.
5. Start Wearing Heels
Wearing heels is a good way to look older. Height always helps in making a person appear taller. Spend your money on some quality and fashionable heels once in a while.
6. Go for a Hairstyle Change
Change your hairstyle to the one which makes you look older as well as which is in-sync with the fashion trends. If it suits you, go for a pixie, fringe, or bob. You can also keep your long hair straight and silky to give an older appearance.
7. Change Your Personality Trait
Stop acting like kids and display confidence and self-assuredness when you interact with others. Remember that this personality will accentuate your dress to make you look older.
Being and looking younger is a blessing, but if you want to dress to look older, then remember to go for what suits you the best. Avoid cheap and trendy clothes and be consistent with that one look that defines you the best.