How to Look Cute in a Cardigan

Woman with short hair who is wearing a cute cardigan
Photo: ArtFamily/Shutterstock
Come winter and it is the cardigan season and I know, I know that we all think that they look very boring, bulky, and do not add anything to our fashion quotient. But think again, you couldn't be more wrong about the trust girlie cardigan.
If chosen and worn carefully, cardigans can be turned into cute and stylish garments and to top it all, it is very functional for the season. Here are some tips to look cute in a cardigan.
Play Down the Heavy Cardigans
If you have those heavy cardigans, which always create the sloppy out-of-bed image, then you can re-invent them with a little creative addition. One way to make your heavy cardigans look fashionable and sophisticated is to wear a wide leather belt. By cinching your cardi at the waist, you are avoiding the baggy look. Mix and match the colors and don't be afraid to try new looks with your cardigan and different belts.
Add Jazz to Your Boring Basic Cardigans
If you wonder how to jazz up those basic cardigans in your wardrobe, then look no further. Embellished cardigans are in and you can make one for yourself at a much lesser cost than buying a brand new cardigan. Visit your nearby crafts store and invest in some expensive pretty fabric with ruffled edges or big chunky flower cutouts. Sew these on your basic cardigan and make them look expensive and chic.
You can also add lace studded with colored stones etc. Just be your imaginative best. But just remember not to overdo the embellishment otherwise you'll look tacky rather than stylish.
Play It Up with Scarves
To make the same cardigan look different every time you wear it, top it with different scarves for a brand new look each time. Add different colorful scarves made of different materials to make the same cardigan look different. You can also learn to tie your scarves differently to make your scarf and cardigan look new each time.
Color Them Up
Make sure that your wardrobe has bright colored cardigans along with the basic neutral ones. Wear a bright colored cardigan with a neutral colored outfit to create a stunning effect. Stock your wardrobe with bright red, purple, magenta colors for the winters to do away with the winter blues.
Go for a Retro Look
Spice up your cardigans by combining them with the sweet 60s style school dresses. Look for the 60s dresses at your local vintage shops and pair them with your basic cardigans to look sweet and cute.
Pin them Down
You can turn that wear-around-the-house cardigan into fashionable item by pinning a vintage brooch on them. This will not only add style to the cardigan, but add an old-wordly charm and elegance to your look.
Show your Summer Tank Tops
You want to wear your cool summer tank tops in winter too? Well, not a problem at all. Wear your tank tops under your cardigans. Also you can top the outfit with a scarf around your neck. If it is too cold outside, then wear a tank top over a ski-neck sweater and add a contrasting cardigan over it and since layered outfits are always so hot, you will keep warm and look cool at the same time.
Cardigans look cool, if paired with the right kind of outfits. Pair cardigans with a pair of skinny jeans or a dress, a scarf, and a pair of flats for a chic and cute look like a celebrity. Add plenty of color to liven up the winters, rather than only the basic ones in black and white. So don't ditch that cardigan just yet. With a little creative fashionista thinking, the boring old cardi can be a girl's best winter wardrobe essential.