How to Look Sassy in Satin

Woman wearing satin
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Satin is the last word in opulent clothing. It gives you an unmatched feeling of luxury, feminine sensuality and confidence, all at the same time. Take a look at any red carpet event and you will always find at least a handful fashionable celebrities dressed up in satin.
To look really fashionable in satin and to exude the sex appeal that you want you should know how to make the best use of the inherent style and sensuality that satin embodies. In that sense, actually satin is a double edged sword for if you are not careful and go over the top with it, it can spoil your entire look.
Following are a few guidelines that you would do well to remember if you want to look really fashionable in satin:
• If you have never tried satin before and are unsure of how it looks on you then start off with satin accessories. Besides well thought out satin accessories can add glam to any outfit and some variety to your wardrobe.
• A trendy satin bag, a satin wrapped hair band or a satin scarf are some of the satin accessories that you would need to glam up.
• Do not wear too much of jewelry with a satin dress, as that might end up making you look tacky. One restrained piece of jewelry would be great with a satin dress.
• The fit of the satin outfit is of utmost importance. Too tight and it might look trashy; too loose and it will look like your nightwear. Ideally a well fitted satin outfit should drape smoothly without clinging and fit perfectly without rumpling.
• Choice of innerwear is also very important when wearing satin. Invest in at least one set of seamless underwear and bra, along with good quality shape wear. This is important because satin can drape rather awkwardly over lacy lingerie and over bulges.
• Do not go overboard and overkill the satin. For best results wear only one or two satin pieces at one time. E.g. pair a satin top with something that is rather soft like cotton or matte. This creates a contrast of textures and is quite eye appealing. Another example could be a satin camisole with a pair of jeans, which is again based on contrasting textures.
Now that your fundamentals are clear regarding best use of satin to be truly fashionable, let us proceed to give you some hot fashion ideas based on, what else but satin!
• A criss-crossing satin dress with a plunging neckline and in a bright color is a perfect recipe to set hearts on fire. This is especially meant for those of you with an hourglass figure as it draws attention to your waist.
• A simple bias-cut satin evening gown in blood red color creates the classic glamorous look of film stars of the era bygone. This is the simplest way to look stunning. For better results go redhead for this outfit!
• An off shoulder satin dress with draped sleeves gives you the perfect opportunity to show off those silky shoulders.
• Other satin ideas to glam up your evenings would be satin tops in bold colors, paired with skirts, denim etc. Also try soft satin shorts and satin pencil dresses.
At the end of the day, the fact remains unchallenged: satin is perhaps the only form of clothing that can give you the ultra glamorous, ultra sexy and ultra luxurious look at the same time, and all by itself. So don't think twice and get satinized!
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