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Style and Fashion Tips (2)

How to show off that beautiful back
Use a little creativity and show off that back the best you can. Sometimes you can find sexiness in places you least expect it!
How to show off those sexy legs
Don’t hide away those beautiful legs anymore. Take good care of them and here are some fashion tips to put those legs to work.
How to wear a silk blouse
Silk blouses are must for every fashionable woman’s wardrobe. Silk blouses not only never go out of fashion, but also add to your style at the same time.
How to wear front buttoned blouses
If you combine front buttoned blouses with the right accessories and wear these blouses in different styles, then you will be able to create new fashion with them.
How to wear skinny jeans and leggings
Leggings and skinny jeans will add fun and fashion to your wardrobe. So go on, try out some of these looks.
Image consultants
How image consultants can help to enhance your appearance. How much it costs and how to find a good image consulting firm.
Jackets: Don’t look fat in them
A jacket can make small shoulders look broader or a heavy waistline can be made to look less heavy if the jacket fits you in the right areas. A short jacket is a wonderful tool to camouflage unwanted bulges.
Layering clothes: How to do it right
While layering is a great method to make an optimum use of your wardrobe, one has to be very careful and be adept in theart that layering is.
Let’s bring back some class
Have you ever given thought to what it would be like to be tabbed “elegant?” This is when you walk into the room and both women and men alike murmur their ooohs and aaaahs because they’ve become dumbstruck just by your presence.
Ripped jeans
Take out those old jeans from your closet and create some cool looking ripped jeans and join the bandwagon of all the celebrities.
Ruffles and how to wear them
There is something amazing about ruffles, they are so girly or feminine yet can be sexy and edgy at the same time. A few guidelines that you must keep in mind while dressing up in ruffles.
Same jeans, different looks
A few basic examples and ideas to give you an overview of how a single pair of jeans can be used to create a myriad looks suited to a variety of occasions.
Shopping for career wear
A separate, well thought out and well invested work-wardrobe would go a long way in ensuring that you are a success at work.
Silk turtleneck - The perfect basic
Luxurious silk turtlenecks are perfect for stylish layering and will bring a lot of extra spirit to the wardrobe of women, men and kids. Layer silk turtlenecks with sweaters, cardigans, blouses, shirts ...
Stripes: How to look good in them
Have a look around and you’ll see quite a few of your fave celebs out and about sporting the stripey look. Here are some fashion favorites that look good in stripes.
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