How to Look Younger

young look for older women
Photo: Mimagephotography/Shutterstock
Everyone wants to look young and it really isn’t as hard as some of us imagine. It can easily be done by taking good care of your skin and by simply revamping your wardrobe. Give your wardrobe a makeover every season. You need to dress in style and keep up with contemporary fashion and you’re almost there. Here are few simple tips to look young by dressing young.
Jeans Rule
Wear a nice pair of jeans that make you look young and compliment your figure. Make sure it’s the right size so that it provides a perfect disguise for the waist that has thickened and the hips that have become wider through the years. Do not wear the latest skinny jeans; it would simply look unflattering for some of us.
Dress Code
Wear a pretty printed dress especially a pastel-colored one. Colors need to match your skin tone because the right use of color can makes you look youthful. A pretty dress can make you feel young and feminine instantly.
Undergarment Support
Hide the sags and bulges by wearing pantyhose, tights and undergarments that provide support to your legs, thighs and hips. Get yourself measured and buy good properly-fitting bras to eliminate bulges and sagging.
Don’t punish yourself by wearing undergarments that pinch your body too much and make you feel uncomfortable. You should feel good about what you are wearing. It is important that the dress you wear looks appropriate for your age. However you can wear almost anything as long as it fits you well and suits your body.
Hairy Scary
If you have gray hair you can simply dye it. You should wear your hair in a style that compliments your skin, your eyes, and reflects who you are. Cut your hair shoulder-length or maybe even shorter. It’s easier to maintain short hair and keep it in good condition. Do your hair and face the way you used to do when you were still young. Don’t put on excess make up. Just apply some face powder and a touch of fruity lip gloss.
Style Bag
Get rid of your old and bulky handbag and get something more stylish. Just make sure it not only has enough space but it also does not compromise on style. Shop for a matching top, shoes and bag and even a belt and you will be in with the “in” crowd.
The Watch Dog
Keep a watch on what "young" people and celebrities your age are wearing in their real lives. There are many celebrities who are in their forties and still look fabulous, both on and off the red carpet. Just keep in mind that you adapt it to your own age and personal style. Pick up a fashion magazine occasionally to get the basic idea of what's new and youthful.
Keep an open mind to new styles and ideas. Visiting fashion websites can also help you stay up-to-date with your fashion sense. There are numerous websites that give beauty, fitness and health as well as fashion advice. Keep track of the current trends in fashion and have at least one hot and popular item in your closet.
So there you go, a few simple tips and a little bit of effort from you can mean looking younger in just a few minutes.