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Matching Your Hairstyle to Your Mode of Dress
Often the one facet of creating the perfect look most women fail to consider is how to coordinate their hairstyle with the clothing they are wearing. Most of the time, this isn’t as big an issue, since a good hairdresser will talk to their client about her personal style, usual mode of dress and so forth when consulting on creating the individual look. However we all have different situations in which we find ourselves. It’s important to consider all the aspects of our looks when we are dressing for these different situations.
So let’s look at some of the basic rules of dressing for the various situations of our lives. We can establish what is appropriate, and what will work best for us in these situations. The end result is that – hopefully – we’ll find ourselves able to maximize the impact of our looks in these situations and feel confident and beautiful doing so.
Situations may seem like an odd term, but the events for which we may dress and style ourselves are rather varied, and are usually defined by parameters which we cannot control directly. These situations generally fit into one of three categories: Professional, Casual, and Formal. Each category has its own set of rules to follow:
Professional situations are obviously those that are work-related. Professional situations could be everything from corporate meetings to job interviews, but also include situations like appearing in court, or attending conferences pertaining to your career. In these situations, the rules for your hairstyling are generally simple:
• Choose hairstyles appropriate to your working environment.
Having a hairstyle that is overly involved or that obviously takes a great deal of time and maintenance would be inappropriate if you work as a waitress or as a day care assistant who runs after children all day. By that same token, simply pulling the hair back into a ponytail may not present the level of attention to detail you want to convey if you work in a legal office or as an executive’s administrative assistant.
• Simplicity is generally a better choice.
Choosing your hairstyle for a professional situation typically calls for a simpler style. You want a style that is neat and attractive, and one that doesn’t appear to require a lot of maintenance throughout the day. Nor should it appear to be a look that required excessive amounts of time to create.
Of course, the actual amount of time needed to create a style may be deceptive, but even if you spend an hour and a half blow-drying and flat-ironing your hair every morning, the finished look for a professional setting shouldn’t look like you spent that much time.
Conversely, you don’t want to look like you made NO effort. For the best effect, try to aim for styles that are based from classic, versatile cuts. Such looks are simple to maintain, and generally can be easily cared for and maintained throughout the day.
• When It Comes to Accessories: When in Doubt, Go Neutral
As you try to decide on your hairstyle for a professional setting, you may want to use different hair accessories to make sure your style stays in place longer. A well-placed comb, clip or fashionable hairpin can go a long way toward stabilizing a hairstyle and making sure it stays in place throughout your hectic day. But is that rhinestone-crusted comb appropriate for your board meeting, or the parent-teacher conferences?
When you are dressing your hair for a professional setting, make sure you have accessories that are neutral to serve the purposes you need them for. A tortoiseshell clip or comb will look elegant and professional as opposed to the flash of its metallic or jeweled counterpart.
Casual situations are usually the easiest and most-flexible when it comes to hairstyles. These are the times when you are simply out to enjoy yourself without worrying overmuch about impressions and other’s perceptions. That’s not to say that you don’t want to look nice, just that you want a style that’s easy to do and maintain, and will be in keeping with your activity.
The key is to remember the same rule you follow to dress for a casual function. There is such a wide range of activities that fall into the “casual” category that there is only one real rule for styling the hair for a casual situation. Here is the rule for a good Casual situation hairstyle:
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