How to Enhance a Flatt Butt

The back of different women
Photo: ASDF Media/Shutterstock
You have finally bought that awesome dress that you always wanted, but strangely it does not look good on you and makes you look as if you don't have a butt at all! Don't panic as these situations happen and help is right here.
Having a fuller butt is as important as having a well-endowed bust. After all, the beauty and perfectness of dresses depend on these characteristics of our body. But what to do when you are not so well endowed at your rear end? This is where the role of high tech fabrics is important and underwear enhancements that will give a lift to your bottom are the order of the day.

I. Underwear Enhancers

1. Foam Enhancer Panties
Wear these if you want to go for something light. The foam inside is lightweight and will give you a good enhancement. But remember that these panties do not have a long life as the foam gets flatter over time due to washing.
2. Silicon Enhancer Panties
If you are looking for enhancers which give a natural touch and feel, then go for silicon enhancer panties. On the flip side, these panties can be quite heavy as all silicon products tend to be.
3. Adhesive Silicon Enhancer Pads
If you want to give a look of a wonderful bottom even under your bikini panties, or your favorite underwear, then these adhesive silicon enhancer pads are the best bet. They can be stuck directly on the skin and you can wear your favorite underwear over them. But like the silicon enhancer panties, these enhancer pads tend to be heavier.
4. Butt Lift Panties
These panties enhance your figure by lifting your bottom and giving them an enhanced look. These panties are best suited for women who have a nice rear end, but need some lift to complement the dress they are wearing. But, these panties do not suit women who have a really flat bottom.

II. Dressing Enhancements

You can also enhance your rear-end through dressing. Follow these tips to give your bottom an enhanced look without going for padded panties.
• When wearing pants, choose those which have pockets and pleats as they will create an illusion of curvy dimensions. Avoid styles, which hug under the cheeks of your butt and make them look small. Always choose styles which hang from the middle of your butt.
• Go for bias-cut skirts and dresses, having a slight drape. These create illusions of a shapely bottom as the cut and the drape of the skirt or dress creates movement.
• Always try to emphasize your waist so that you take away attention from your butt. Wear belted jackets and dresses to accentuate your waist.
• If you want to wear fitted skirts and pants, then go for the A-line cut. Also wear loose fitting tops and jackets with them to camouflage your bottom.

III Exercise for Enhancements

If you do not have to have a beautiful bottom by tonight, then exercise is another good option to create your own beautiful rear end. Do squats, lunges, hip extension etc. to enhance the shape of your bottom. Hit your nearest gym or consult your trainer to give you the best combination of exercises to make your butt beautiful.
With the latest technology in the form of butt enhancer panties available today, those days of expensive and risky buttock augmentation surgeries are over. Now anybody can have a great bottom instantly. And combined with the tricks in fashionable dressing to accentuate your bottom, now no woman will be in want of round, firm and sexy rear end.