How to Develop Your Own Signature Style

Woman who is wearing a stylish red turtleneck look with pushed up sleeves
Photo: Izabela Magier/Shutterstock
Some of my girlfriends have wonderful style of their own and on many occasions while shopping with them, I have noticed that I know exactly what they are going to like and buy. Well the reason is simple. They have developed their own signature style which expresses their personality and creativity and we all know them by that style.
Your style needs to be a mixture of the current fashion and what looks good on you, keeping in mind your skin tone and body shape. It is a good idea to update yourself from time to time so that you develop and nurture your own signature style.
If you don’t know if your style is a signature style or not, or you don’t have one yet, then don’t worry. Here are few tips that might help you in realizing your own signature style.
1. Critically Evaluate Your Current Style
Give your wardrobe a critical evaluation and notice the color, fabric, and themes that dominate your dresses. Talk to your friends and family to get a feel what they think is your style.
2. Determine Your Style
After examining your wardrobe, you’ll be ready to recognize the style that you like the most and feel comfortable. Always consider your comfort and confidence while determining a style.
3. Mix and Match
See what all is there in your wardrobe that matches the style you have chosen. Then mix and match these to create new combinations. It is always fun to mix and match and come up with new combinations that suits your style. Check if you need to add or remove certain elements from your wardrobe. Also, keep in mind your style when going shopping for new clothes, so that you buy those which accentuate your fashion statement.
4. Experiment
You can enhance your style by experimenting on your hair style, makeup, and accessories. But keep in mind not to go overboard; otherwise it will be a disaster. Just go with simple and sophisticated.
Now that you have created your signature style, you are all charged up to show your new self to the world. But before that, be careful of the following pitfalls:
a. Don’t Overdo It. Don’t keep stocking up the same things in different colors in the name of style. You’ll end up creating a uniform for yourself. Try and make your outfits unique by matching appropriate cuts, colors and accessories.
b. Don’t Blindly Follow Trends. Don’t rely on trends to create your style. Trends tend to come and go. Create your own fashion keeping in mind what goes well for you. Choose styles in which you are most comfortable and which complement you.
c. Don’t Imitate. Don’t copy others for the sole reason that you like their style. What looks good on others may not look good on you. You need to keep in mind that everybody differs in terms of body type and personality and every person’s style would be unique depending on these factors.
So start now and create your signature style and express yourself through your creativity. Remember that your attire and style tells a lot about you and contributes to your fashion identity.