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Choosing Outfit Colors

colorful dress and long hair Imagine one fine morning you wake up from your bed and everything turns black and white, your world has gone colorless. Roses are no longer red and violets are no longer blue, they are all the same. A horrifying proposition indeed! This is the importance of colors in our life, without them our lives will be a dull, drab and monotonous affair.
That’s why we must make the best use of this gift and the best way to reflect colors in our life is through the clothes that we wear. So choosing what colors you want to wear is an important exercise and following are some pointers that should help you making a well informed and hopefully a better choice.
Colors and your appearance
• The choice of colors for your outfit will depend a great deal on your own physical features like the color of your hair, skin and eyes etc.
• Firstly, you need to see if you have a ‘warm’ complexion or a ‘cool’ complexion. A simple way to do that is to wear heavy golden and silver jewelry one by one and see which seems to emphasize you natural tones. If its gold then you have a warm skin complexion otherwise its cool.
• In general, warm tones match better with colors like orange, brown, flame red, green, yellow etc. The cool tones on the other hand lean towards colors like blue, purple, pink, lavender, burgundy, etc.
Colors and your personality
• While your appearance is an important factor to decide what color you want, it however reflects and enhances only your outer self.
• Colors however have a much deeper effect, they say a lot about who you are as a person. So choose colors carefully according to what side of your personality you want to project. E.g. red and yellow reflect energy, black and grey could point to a serious personality, pink could mean compassion and open heartedness etc.
Colors and the occasion
• The occasion for which you are dressing up is perhaps the most important factor in choosing the right color.
• E.g. your skin tone and your personality tell you that you should wear red color, so far so good, however if it’s a funeral that you are planning to attend than red would be a bit errrr … out of place.
• Most often your instincts will bail you out in these situations, you would think twice before going out in black on a picnic!
Colors and the season
• Season also affect our choice of colors to a great extent. It's normal to see ‘somber’ and serious colors like black and grey during winters which are considered depressing by many people. Whereas spring and summers tend to bring out the ‘happier’ or the more ‘fun’ side in our choice of colors like orange, green etc.
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