Straightening Hair Q&A (3)

Hair straightening with a flat iron
I have a wave in my hair that I want to get rid of. Any ideas?
I have done the Brazilian straightening system but it gets curly again. Can I do the CHI Straightening?
I like my hair short, are chemical straighteners only any good if you have long hair?
I need something to straighten my hair, but I don't want the re-growth effect.
Is a magic perm the same as bio ionic straightening?
Is it advisable to go for thermal restructuring during pregnancy?
Is it okay to have your hair straightened with the Japanese System if one has Thyroid Disease?
Is it ok to do a thermal reconditioning hair straightening service at home?
Is it ok to swim in chlorinated pools with straightened hair?
Is it possible to buy some kind of product that will undo chemically straightened hair?
Is it possible to chemically straighten permed hair?
Is it possible to have my hair dyed and relaxed on the same day?
Is it possible to straighten short hair?
Is it possible to straighten very short hair? I'm a guy.
Is it safe to go to a salon and get a wavy perm over my straight perm?
Is it safe to straighten a child's hair with a flat iron?
Is it safe to straighten colored hair?
Is it safe to straighten permed hair with a home straightening kit?
Is it safe to use a flat iron on rebonded hair?
Is it safe to use permanent straightener after Easy Straight One Week Straightener?
Is it true that after you applied henna hair straightening cannot be done?
Is Japanese hair straightening unsuited to African American hair?
I smell a burned smell when washing my hair after using a ceramic flat iron.
Is there a need to blow-dry Japanese Straightened Hair?
Is there any product that I can use to make mulatto hair straight?
Is there anything I can do to give my hair a bit of volume after using the flat iron?
Is there a solution to get rid of the curliness and get pole straight hair?
Is there something like a straight perm?
Is thermal reconstructing only for naturally curly hair or also for permed hair?
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