Dye and Hair Relaxer

Hair salon client for dyeing and relaxing
Photo: Tyler Olson/Shutterstock
Q: I need to get my hair dyed because my current hair dye has faded. However, I also wanted to get my hair relaxed (which I did before many years ago) with the 6-week chemical relaxer.
Is it possible to go to the hairdresser in one go and get my hair both dyed and straightened in one appointment or should I do one before the other? Also is it bad for my hair to be getting both of these treatments done to my hair?

A: Depending on exactly what process is used for the straightening, I don't think the salon stylist will be willing to do your color in the same day. I also recommend that you always schedule texturing services (like perms, relaxers and straighteners) before you have color applied.
The chemicals used in texturing services can alter the hair color if applied after color is done. You don't want to spend your money on a color service, and then risk it being altered from the color you want by the straightening service.
As far as whether it's bad to get both services at one visit, it depends on the exact process used in the straightening, and whether or not the hair color has to be lifted for the desired hair color to be achieved. In most cases, straighteners are just as harsh on the hair as hair color would be. Some hydroxide relaxers can be especially hard on the hair and should never be done in combination with another chemical process.
If you aren't careful about the condition of the hair and the chemical processes you have done, you can seriously damage the hair. Both hair color and texture processes can leave the hair dry and brittle if done improperly or if the hair is already susceptible to damage.
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