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Permed Hair & Thermal Reconstructing

Q: I just got a spiral perm 4 days ago. Normally, my hair is bone straight. My hair is long with blond highlights and pretty healthy. I do not like the perm, and my hair is very frizzy and a little dry. I really want to get rid of it. This is the first perm I have had in 13 years.I do not want my hair to be even drier and it probably will be if I chemically straighten my hair. I have heard about thermal reconstructing. Is thermal reconstructing only for naturally curly hair or can it also be used on permed hair? At this point, I do not care about the cost.
A: According to Yuko Systems USA, one of the three manufacturers of the Japanese Straightening/Thermal Reconditioning service, hair that has been permed can be straightened using this method. However, the main consideration determining whether or not your hair is suited to Thermal Reconditioning is its condition. Badly damaged hair cannot be treated with the Thermal Reconditioning process. Similarly, hair that is lightened using high-lift peroxide, Afro-ethnic hair, and hair that has been treated with hydroxide relaxers are also unsuited.
You need to speak with a stylist trained in performing the Thermal Reconditioning treatment, and get their qualifications (where they learned the procedure, how much experience they have, etc.) and ask for references. The training and skill of the technician performing the procedure is a key factor to getting a good, successful service. Whenever possible, try to get a stylist/technician who has been trained by the manufacturer of the product being used, and who has been performing the process for at least a year.
A good salon/stylist will be happy to offer their qualifications and give you referrals to clients who have gotten the service from them. If the salon or stylist refuses or seems reticent in providing this information, look elsewhere - it indicates unauthorized training and/or lack of experience.
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