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Flat Iron Rebonded Hair

Q: Is it safe to use a flat iron on rebonded hair?
A: The rebonding process is pretty stressful to the hair, and the use of other stressful styling methods is really NOT recommended. Depending on who you ask, and the specifics of what was used on your hair, you can use a flat iron on rebonded hair but you want to be sure to use a VERY low heat setting.
It should be restated here that while it is believed to be safe to use a low-heat flat iron on your rebonded hair, it is NOT recommended. The rebonding process breaks and reforms the disulfide bonds in the hair and applies a strong keratin compound, which can leave the hair brittle in many respects.
The list of aftercare restrictions is long and there is a great deal of effort to be spent in making sure the hair is carefully treated after the rebonding process. ALWAYS follow your stylist's recommendations or you risk invalidating any guarantee on the service you've received.
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