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Get Pole Straight Hair

Q: I've been growing my hair out from a buzz cut for 2 years. My hair is now to my shoulders and I'm having a problem. From the ends of my hair to a few inches up, my hair curls and isn't straight like I want it to be. My hair is naturally straight but my hair at the bottom just isn't cooperating.
I use a hair straightener on my hair and most of the time I can straighten out the ends and sometimes my hair will just re-curl again throughout the day. When is is wet after a shower, if I air dry it my hair once again goes back to the curliness. All I want is to have the bottom of my hair be straight like the rest of it. Is there a solution to get rid of the curliness and have my hair straight as a pole like it should be?

A: Well, given that your hair is curling up at the ends without having been styled that way, your hair does have natural curl. The fact that the hair reverts to a curly state after being styled straight and that it is curly when allowed to dry naturally is proof of this.
It sounds as though what you want is a more permanent solution to straighten your hair. There are a few methods to achieve straighter hair. You can use home straightening kits, have thio-straightening processes done at a salon, or even go for Japanese Reconditioning. Home kits will usually cost less than $15 U.S., while salon thio-straightening is priced comparably to perms and vary from salon to salon. Japanese Reconditioning will give you the straightest results, but is by far the most expensive process, ranging from around $500 U.S. and up depending on the length of your hair.
If you want to try to get longer lasting results from the straightener you currently use, try reviewing the articles we have here on Hairfinder regarding straightening the hair. They offer tips for products that will help you achieve longer lasting results.
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