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Wavy Perm After a Japanese Straight Perm

Q: Hi, I had a Japanese straight perm done for the first time almost 2 months ago. I really didn't like the way it turned out because my hair looks very flat. Is it safe to go to a salon to get a wavy perm?
A: According to Yuko Systems, one of the companies that make the Japanese Hair Straightening products and trains salons and stylists to perform the service for clients in the US, you can style the hair in any way you wish after the straightening/reconditioning process. You are already well beyond their recommended one week waiting period after a service, so you should be safe. However, I would encourage you to call the salon where your service was performed, to first see what products they used and verify that their service used products with the same basic formula. I would also ask for confirmation from them that the service they performed can also have a perm service performed on top of it.
If you'd like to keep the versatility of styling without adding another chemical process to the hair, I would suggest using hot rollers to add some lift and wave to your now flat hair. If you have the time available, you might even consider using soft foam rollers at night before bed to give your hair a little more wave and volume. By wrapping your hair while still damp before bed, you can allow the hair to dry naturally overnight, and get longer-lasting and firmer curls. Doing this also leaves you the option to have your hair perfectly straight and sleek during those times when you might prefer that look.
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