Straighten Short Hair

Chin length bob for blonde hair
Photo: Oksy/Shutterstock
Q: I would love to get my shoulder length hair cut into a sleek short bob (chin length or shorter). Will I be able to keep my new bob perfectly straight? Any tips? Is it possible to straighten short hair with a flat iron?
A: Sure you can straighten short hair with a flat iron, and in fact keeping it straight will usually require a flat iron. You just have to choose the right iron. The shorter the hair is, the thinner you want the heating plates to be.
This allows you to have shorter hair and still pass the iron through the hair. If you used a large flat iron, you could only press the hair between the iron plates, and it's actually the gentle pull of the plates passing along the length of the hair that helps to straighten it out.
Just go to a beauty supply shop and look for a good-quality, narrow flat iron. Look for one with an adjustable heat setting and an automatic shut-off for safety. Unless you're already familiar with using a flat iron, you will want to give yourself some practice time to get used to it. And even if you know the ins and outs of flat iron straightening, expect a learning curve for dealing with your new style.
Also, remember to use a good conditioner and a thermal protectant to keep from damaging your hair. You'll also want to look over our thermal styling article.
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