Straighten Very Short Men's Hair

Straighten men's hair with a flat iron
Q: Is it possible to straighten very short hair? I'm a guy and my hair is maybe one inch long on top. I hate it when it begins to curl at this length. How can I straighten hair this short? Should I buy a flat iron or use a hair straightening product for guys?
A: Yes, you can straighten shorter hair, though the results may or may not be very obvious, depending on the level of curl you have and how much of it you are able to remove.
You can even do chemical straightening using a Thio-based perm formula, or mechanical straightening with a flat iron. The primary concern will be in getting the right amount of tension to make the hair straight with these processes.
With chemical straightening, you will need to use a (very) fine-toothed comb or stiff-bristled brush to keep the hair smooth and flat while it processes. This will need to be repeated in the neutralization process as well. You do have to remember to be careful, because the hair is very fragile while it is being plied with the chemicals. The hair must be kept straight, but you don't want to damage it in the process.
Flat ironing the hair is pretty self-explanatory. It will also be time-consuming, and you should bear in mind that the iron will be very hot in order to straighten the hair, and given the lengths we are discussing, you could easily burn your scalp.
You'll also need to have very smooth, clean heating-plates on the iron, and be able to put some tension on the hair as you iron it. So, it's important that the iron's plates be able to press snugly together.
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